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Does your system need a refresh? Is your PA outdated? We'd love to schedule a consultation with you to talk about how we can bring your space into the 21st century, and provide the best listening experience for your room! We have years of experience with modern PA systems, and will be happy to design the right PA for your needs. Contact us to set up your consultation now!

Pro Audio Consulting

Does your volunteer sound guy need some help? Do you have constant trouble with feedback and things just not sounding the way you want? We're here to help! We offer 1-on-1 training for mixing at FOH, Monitors, Broadcast, and everything in between! We'll work hand in hand with you and your sound engineer to get the result that you want. But it doesn't stop there. We'll instill the right mindsets and systems so that everything sounds consistent week to week! Your engineers will become more confident in understanding how your system works and how to get more out of it!

Group sessions are also available if you have a team of engineers that need training. Please submit a contact form for quotes on group sessions.

Pro Audio Training

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