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  • Pro Tools Mix Templates

Pro Tools Mix Templates


Get an easier start with these FREE templates for Pro Tools! These templates were created by us to help make your life easier when mixing. Using only stock Pro Tools plugins, anyone from beginners to experts can load up a template and get started mixing! Just create a new session with one of the templates, start recording or throw in your audio files, and go from there!

    1. Install the templates.
      • On your computer, go to Documents/Pro Tools/Session Templates.
      • Drop in the templates to an existing folder, or create your own.
      • That's it!
    2. Create a new session.
      • On the new session dialog that opens with Pro Tools, make sure "Create from template" is checked.
      • Choose one of the templates you just installed.
      • Name and create your new session.
    3. Drop in any of your stems to the existing tracks.
      • You can duplicate any of the tracks if you have multiple of the same instrument/vocal.
    4. Take all faders to -inf.
    5. Slowly buld your mix with faders first (shoot for around -6 on the master buss).
    6. Start adjusting plugins based on what is needed.
    7. Finish your mix from there!
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