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*Our payment system is 100% secure, so you can be confident that your data is fully secure and always encrypted! That's our guarantee.

  1. Submit Your Order - Use the button below to start your order! Fill out the form with your information and package choice. Please include any details about your preferred signal flow and layout, and any other information you feel we may need to know about your setup.

  2. Pay - Just pay* using your method of choice and you'll get an email confirming your purchase!

  3. Ship Your Gear - For customers outside the DFW Metroplex (where we are located), just ship your pedalboard and any necessary accessories to us. Please note that you will pay shipping both ways (not including priority builds).

  4. We Get To Work - Once we receive your pedalboard, we'll get to work! Please know that typical turnaround times are no less than 1 week on average, and will vary based on the number of projects in front of yours. Priority Builds will always be a 1 to 2 week turnaround.

  5. We'll Ship It Back - When we're done, we'll send a picture of your completed project for confirmation, and then we'll send your pedalboard back to you! For Priority Builds, return shipping is free. If you'd like overnight  or express shipping, you will need to cover that cost. Please specify that option in your form submission!

How Does It Work?

*Priority Builds are automatically placed in front of other projects and will have a 1 to 2 week turnaround time for each pedalboard depending on availability of materials.

  • Basic B ($150) - Rearrange pedals according to your signal flow, rerun cables, pedal exterior basic cleaning.

  • Fresh Prince ($225) - All of the above plus: New velcro, pedal polish and shine, deep clean on rough surfaces (i.e. volume pedals).

  • The King ($450) - All of the above plus: New cables cut and fit to length with in/out labels, pedal deep clean with interior blowout, Priority Build*.

  • Priority Build (Add. $100) - This gets you the perks of a Priority Build. Rush project and free return shipping.

Package Prices

Does your pedalboard look like a total mess? Do you have trouble figuring out what pedal is plugged into the next? Not to worry! We can take care of cleaning and organizing your pedalboard setup!

Clean signal flows, no visible clutter, and nice.... straight... lines.... *sighs in relief*. Feel confident taking your rig to the next gig being able to plug and play! Doesn't that sound nice? We thought so, too. Keep your eyes where they need to be. On the crowd, not at your feet!

Pedalboard Cleanup

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